Register for a Library Card

Please complete the following form to apply for a library account. Must be 18+.
If you already have a library account, do not complete this application. Please come in to the library to make changes to your current account.

PAYSON RESIDENTS: After completing this application, your account will not be active until you come in to the library, sign an agreement and provide proof of residency and verify your picture ID. A resident means a person whose principal place of residence is within Payson City boundaries or an outlying future annexation zone.

When you come to the library to complete your registration, please bring a valid form of government-issued ID and one (1) of the following items as proof of residency:

  1. Payson City Utility Bill
  2. Drivers License or Other Government-issued ID that shows your current Payson address
  3. An official piece of mail including your name and a Payson address. The mail cannot be handwritten or be addressed to a PO Box. It needs to be from a bank, doctors office, the city, etc.
  4. A lease or rental agreement
  5. Some other proof of Payson residency, acceptable at the discretion of the Library Director or their designee

NON-RESIDENTS: Non-residents are required to pay to use the Payson Library. Non-residents may select between a 12-month ($60) or a 6-month membership ($30). When you come to the library, bring your picture ID and let us know which membership length you would prefer to begin to process payment. (Non-resident cards are family cards, kids are not given their own card.)

SOUTH COUNTY LIBRARY COOPERATIVE (SCLC): If you have a library card in good standing at Santaquin Library, you may now get a library card at Payson Library for FREE. Fill out this form, then bring us your Santaquin Library card and your picture ID. (SCLC cards are family cards, kids are not given their own card.)

I hereby agree to obey all the rules and regulations of the Payson Library.

  1. I agree to return library materials when they are due and in good condition.
  2. I agree to be responsible for all items checked out on my card and my children’s cards.
  3. I understand late fines will be charged on library materials not returned when due.
  4. I understand that replacement costs will be charged for damaged and ruined books.
  5. I agree to pay replacement costs for any lost materials on my card or my children’s cards. This also applies to lost cards.
  6. Unpaid fines and replacement costs will be submitted for collection to a collection agency. I agree to pay all fines, replacement costs, interest charges, reasonable attorney’s fees, and other legal costs.
  7. I agree to report any changes of address or phone numbers to the library.
  8. I agree to notify the library when my children turn 18 years of age so library records may be updated.
  9. I understand that my children and I need to bring our library cards with us each time we come to the library and that we will not be allowed to checkout items without our library cards or a picture ID.
  10. I agree to obey all future rules and regulations changes, including changes to library policy, which can be changed without notice.
  11. I have read the above and agree that my children and I will abide by all the rules of the library.

To access your library card, you will need to download our app, Aspen LiDA.

To save time, please download it before you get to the library and the library staff can help you login for the first time. (Google Play) or (App Store)

For questions, please visit or call the Library at 801.465.5220.